We are a global movement to protect and interconnect half
of all the planet's ecosystems - land and water - for the good of all life.

The best science and traditional wisdom shows us
that current global conservation goals are far too low.
We now know that Nature Needs Half.



Protected area conserve the last remnants of wild nature, accounting for 15% of the earth's land, and 3% of the oceans. Yet wildlife populations around the globe continue to plunge, pushing many iconic species like elephants, lions, tigers and grizzly bears to the brink of extinction. The entire web of life is at risk. Biologists have determined that at least half of all the ecosystems on earth must be safeguarded in large interconnected networks to ensure a healthy, functioning planet.



Nature Needs Half. Can it be done? Yes! The word is spreading – people from all over the world are signing on. There are places around the globe where conservation at this scale is already happening. And in 2020, the Convention on Biological Diversity will meet to revise conservation targets for the planet. This esteemed international body needs to hear from us – all of us – that nature needs half. Join us!

Our Project Includes:

  • A state-of-the-art Nature Needs Half Web Channel with Media 186 hosting the very best media to inspire, educate and activate smartphone users
  • Nature Needs Half feature documentary for global distribution prior to 2020
  • A global signature drive with AVAAZ to engage millions of activists
  • Ownership and distribution of a significant library of conservation films
  • Nature Needs Half Network of conservation partners
  • An advisory board of world leading conservation scientists
  • Nature Needs Half website, in partnership with the Wild Foundation
  • Partnerships with the Citizen Science community in documenting and informing conservation goals


Our Team

consists of award-winning video producers, leading conservation scientists, global conservation groups, web designers, international media distributors, and visionary funders expert in leveraging science and media for social impact. We are:

  • James Brundige and Chelsea Congdon, First Light Films
  • Harvey Locke,  Co Founder, Nature Needs Half
  • Steve Michelson,  Exective Producer,  The Video Project
  • Vance Martin, Wild Foundation
  • Gary Tabor, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas
  • Stuart Sharpe, Creative Director for Media 186
  • Jody Hilty, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative
  • Greg Costello and John Davis, The Wildlands Network
  • Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue (pending)
  • Max Graham, Space For Giants


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