First Light Films is dedicated to preserving our natural environment. To this end we produce at no profit promotional films for conservation organizations.

The Trust for Public Land


The High Elk Corridor and The Wet Mountain Valley are short promotional pieces produced for the Trust for Public Land. The videos profile two dramatic and endangered landscapes in Colorado that TPL is working to protect through market-based approaches to land conservation.

Wind Powering Native America

Produced with American Spirit Productions, Wind Powering Native America highlights an important new movement – the development of clean, renewable, wind energy on Native American lands. Native Americans own lands with high wind energy potential. This non-polluting energy source resonates with traditional values that emphasize the responsible treatment of natural resources. It’s a combination that has promise for all of us.


The Roaring Fork Conservancy

A Voice For Our Rivers – Filmed and edited by Krysia Carter-Giez, produced by Carlyle Kyzer, First Light Films was responsible for the host sequence, sound mix, and on-line edit. A forty-minute film and ten minute short promote the work of The Roaring Fork Conservancy, an organization dedicated to preserving the water quality and riparian ecosystems of rivers in the Roaring Fork Valley. Featuring Robert Wagner as host.

The Wilderness Workshop

Wild For Good is one-hour documentary film celebrating wilderness in America and the 40th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. The film captures the uniqueness of this legislation in human history and the significance of wilderness in the American experience. Wild For Good tells the story of three fiercely determined Colorado women -- Dottie Fox, Connie Harvey, and Joy Caudill.

Their efforts have protected a half million acres of Colorado’s spectacular Rocky Mountains, a tale that testifies to the pivotal role of the individual to make real the lofty promises of national wilderness legislation and to truly change the world.