The First Light Foundation
P.O. Box 11
Snowmass CO, 81654

The primary mission of the First Light Foundation is to fund non-commercial documentary films on social and environmental issues.

Commercial television, in a quest for ratings and the associated advertising revenue, focuses on sensational issues and thrives on conflict. Thoughtful programming about social, cultural and environmental issues must find funding outside the network of commercial broadcasters, primarily through contributions from individuals and foundations. These programs are distributed on Public Television and through Film Festivals without remuneration, so this 501(c)3 organization was formed to finance such projects. Funds are passed through with minimal overhead. The First Light Foundation was incorporated in February of 2004.


You can help create thoughtful films on important issues and get these ideas on television. Your contribution is TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Contact us to learn more about films you are interested in. Contributions may be sent to the First Light Foundation at PO Box 11, Snowmass, CO 81654

Contributions of $250 or more will receive a DVD copy of This Land Is Your Land after its broadcast premier. Please include your mailing address if you would like to receive this gift.