First Light Films: Who We Are

James Brundige

James Brundige grew up on the East Coast. Between Baltimore, Boston, and New York, he studied music, religion, photography, and golf. After a graduate degree in film scoring, he moved to New York city to ply the music trade, but soon realized that television would provide more opportunities to indulge in his love of the outdoors. Teaming up with David Breashears, James enjoyed many fine adventures from the Himalayas to the Amazon, survived a few grim shoots in Antarctica and Tibet, and managed to get paid for all this fun by making adventure and science films.

Since 1990, James has focused on environmental documentaries for PBS, BBC, NBC, ABC, Turner, Discovery, andNational Geographic. In 1996 James met Chelsea Congdon, an accomplished environmental activist also working in film. Since that time Chelsea and James have produced several award-winning films, two award-winning children, and a house in Old Snowmass Colorado. For more about James’ music career

Chelsea Congdon

Chelsea Congdon was born and raised in Colorado. Inspired by the wild country she explored as a child, and opportunities to travel throughout the world, she became intrigued by the ways politics affect the environment and the people who depend on it. Starting with a study of how the Colorado River is shared, this interest turned to a deep fascination with rivers and how decisions about water resources affect societies and the natural environment.

Following her graduate work at the University of California at Berkeley, Chelsea gained a broad expertise in western water issues, working in the Rocky Mountain West, California, Arizona, Mexico and Washington D.C. Her fascination with the quirkiness of water management evolved into a keen interest and ability to work for the resolution of natural resource and social issues through writing, speaking and filmmaking. Chelsea has worked for several local and national conservation organizations, served on boards of research institutes and land trusts, and enjoys raising a family in Snowmass, Colorado. For more about Chelsea.

Mitch Coodley

Mitch Coodley has been composing and producing music in NY City for TV and other media for nearly 30 years. He has scored for CBS, WCBS, ABC TV, FOX Sports, ESPN, Ralph Lauren, Victoria's Secret, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Dana Buchman, Joesph Abboud, and Videofashion.

As a guitarist Coodley has worked with Pat Metheny, Gary Burton, Donald Byrd, Ben E. King, Cynid Lauper, Jerry Bergonzi, Michael Urbaniak, Andy Snitzer, and is featured on many of his recorded scores. Coodley has also produced 130 albums of production music, and he now owns and markets his licensing catalog at

Coodley is also in demand as a lecturer and clinician, working with new talent and guiding them toward successful music and work in the music industry. Venues include NYU Film Scoring Department, Sonic Arts at City University, Berklee College of Music, Northeastern University and others. For more information see

Linda Harrar

Across her documentary career, Linda Harrar has specialized in producing stories on women’s health and human rights, global health, and the environment. She has filmed 20 documentaries in 35 different countries, and on all seven continents.

A staff producer on the PBS NOVA Series for a dozen years, Linda produced the first international documentary on the Antarctic ozone hole, a portrait of biologist Stephen Jay Gould; a portrait of Native American physicians called The Crisis in Indian Health, and Rafting through the Grand Canyon. She served as Senior Producer for the 10-hour Race to Save the Planet series, and as Producer for Last Oasis in the Cadillac Desert series. Panama: Paradise Found? for Audubon/Turner OriginalProductions.

Linda served as Executive Producer of PBS’s Six Billion and Beyond and Roots of Health, as co-Executive Producer of World in the Balance, and as Senior Content Director of the 2005 Emmy-award winning series Rx for Survival – A Global Health Challenge. She is a member of the Filmmakers Collaborative and serves on the boards of World Education (, and Young Voices for the Planet.

Christopher Taylor

Christopher Taylor is primarily known for his directing and cinematography work on the top-rated CBS show, “The District” and as a producer, director, and cinematographer for the multi-award winning documentary, FOOD FIGHT.

FOOD FIGHT won the Audience Award from the International Documentary Association and the film played in 35 film festivals world-wide and won 9 “Best Of” festival Awards.

The film has played in over 65 markets nation-wide and has been licensed by Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Vudu and other VOD and digital platforms. Chris is an Honors graduate of Harvard College and completed the Cinematography Program at the American Film Institute.

Mike Holding

Mike Holding is an accomplished director and cinematographer of international television wildlife documentary films and docu-dramas and has won numerous international awards over the years in recognition of his diverse talents as a filmmaker.

In 1993 Mike was awarded a 3-year commission as wildlife cameraman on location in Botswana, for Tim Liversedge Productions for National Geographic Television. Mike filmed a significant proportion of the footage for Okavango - Savage Paradise (Nat Geo Special), which was a selected finalist for Cinematography at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

Since then Mike’s cinematography has been recognised with multiple awards, not least of which was a recent Emmy Award for cinematography shared by the Planet Earth camera team.